Do you want to speak Polish?

Willst du Polnisch sprechen?

Хочеш навчитися розмовляти польською?

¿Quieres hablar polaco?

Voulez-vous parler polonais?

Let’s meet

I have been always dreaming of having a job which will make me happy. But is it possible? With Mówi się po polsku my dreams come true.  I created this company with passion and ambitions to develop it and myself which each next day. It has all began in 2007 when I joined Polish philology at University of Gdansk. Further educational degrees I got on University of Adam Mickiewicz’s in amazingly inspirational city of Poznań, where I graduated from Journalism and Public Relations. Next step was master degree again in Gdansk. During studies I have been working in many places conneted to media, press and human resources until i finally got to the company with multi-lingual and multi-cultural environment. That was the place where I started to teach polish as a foreing language, to help my colleagues from all over the world feel better in my beautiful country. At the same time I began postgraduate studies Teaching Polish as a Foreign Language at University of Gdansk. Thanks to that I had the opportunity to conduct a part of polish course with Chinese students.

Until now I am experienced in teaching adult students from the whole world. Being a Polish teacher is my true passion and I will be happy to share with you my enthusiasm and knoweledge!